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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Key IOS App Development Tips and Benefits for Small Businesses

Key IOS App Development Tips and Benefits for Small Businesses

Apple has continued alien iPhones and iPads that accept apparent billions of sales worldwide. Apple developed the iOS adaptable Operating Arrangement (OS) to run on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, and so on. For baby businesses, iOS appliance development is no big accord if they accept the adventuresome and adroitness to advance with their plans. Baby businesses can alluringly admission articles sales and cast acknowledgment by developing iOS apps over time. Major iOS app account for baby business includes all-around ability out and college about-face rates.
Develop on the Absolute Idea

There are millions of applications in the Android bazaar and so on. Try to analysis some of the applications in detail afore cerebration of developing a accomplished new iOS appliance for adaptable phones. Studying the applications can advice you advance an even bigger appliance than the accepted ones in the marketplace.

Consult and Accumulate Feedback

Before you activate developing an iOS application, it is important to accumulate abundant acknowledgment from the experts. An ideal way to appoint in absolute consultations is to accompany a association or become a affiliate of a Facebook or LinkedIn group. Baby businesses can calmly collaborate with the associates of such groups to accretion advantageous ability on Apple’s adaptable operating system. Additionally, baby businesses can accomplish their app charge-less to admission in the bazaar so that the association or accumulation associates can use the aforementioned to bigger accept its appearance and boldness queries, if any.

Easy-to-Use and Navigate

iOS appliance development should be done befitting in apperception the end-users. For example, the app should be such that it is calmly downloadable on a accepted adaptable phone. Besides, the users should not face any adversity in award and appliance assorted buttons, images, etc. It is best to appearance the appliance to the association associates for them to play around.

Hiring the Best Developer

After designing an iOS application, the next important footfall is to advance the application. Ideally, baby businesses should appoint an able developer who has antecedent plan adventures with Apple iOS. Besides administration his thoughts and account with the designer, the developer can aswell appearance the Apple website to apprehend all important instructions and guidelines to accretion advantageous adorning knowledge.

Now, let's us amount out the key iOS app allowances for baby business.

Instant Acknowledgment to Diverse Products

Small businesses can calmly accomplish their absolute and latest articles arresting to the all-around admirers by appliance an iOS app. In this way, Apple adaptable appliance helps in alluring new leads consistent in college articles sales and ROI. Also, with an avant-garde iOS appliance development, organizations can acquaint their appurtenances and services, 24/7 from any area on the planet deepening their cast attendance and credibility.

Improved Chump Accountability

One of the acute iOS app account for baby business is that iPhone app cover appearance that accredit barter to calmly forward a argument bulletin or email anon to a aggregation or chump affliction administration after calling the appointment or faxing their acknowledgment or queries. In the business world, able advice can advance to college acceptance in a business arch to continued abiding company-customer bond.

Software for IOS Abstracts Accretion - Your Advice When You Charge It!

Software for IOS Abstracts Accretion - Your Advice When You Charge It!

For abounding occasions you may face the botheration of abstracts accident from your ios devices. The able-bodied accepted computer and adaptable architect Apple has alien several operating systems for its accessories like iPhone and iPad. This operating arrangement boasts several appearance like iCloud and Siri. If you are a able developer, you can yield several allowances from the appearance of ios and can advance the appliance above imagination. In fact, the new versions of ios accessories accompany new opportunities in the market. If you are a user of ios devices, it is important to apperceive the basal ability of iOS Abstracts Recovery.

Multi-purpose device

People who are added absorbed in technology try to accumulate avant-garde adaptable accessories like iPhone or iPad. Ios appliance is added acceptable for ball areas. Humans use their ios accessories not alone to alert music of their choices but to watch their favourite movies and videos. Some humans acquisition it absorbing to play individual or multiplayer amateur on their ios devices. With the avant-garde features, it is not difficult for iPhone users to adore accomplished amateur because of their ios operating system. Humans use several ios accessories like iPhone or iPad to amuse their altered needs. Besides, it is a acceptable accumulator accessory for abounding of them.

Satisfy altered needs

People use iPhone or any added avant-garde accessories for assorted purposes. For a lot of of the people, it is an amazing ball device. These avant-garde accessories advice you to administer your business in the a lot of able way accidentally by appliance these ios devices. With the advice of an iPhone, a agent can accumulate in blow with his business anytime of the day. It is an amazing way of assuming your attendance with the advice of the ios devices. If you accept the ios application, it is simple for you to acquaintance your staffs and accord all-important admonition to them.

Software for Abstracts recovery

Many humans accumulate their important abstracts and advice on their ios accessories and if they lose any of the data, it is important for them to balance it any cost. All of them should seek the a lot of accessible means to get aback all those abstracts safely. Today, there is software accessible in the bazaar for iOS Abstracts Recovery. By appliance them you can retrieve all the abstracts that you accept absent after any difficulty. The software for this purpose accessible in the bazaar advised mainly to retrieve assorted abstracts that accept absent from your iPhone or any added Apple devices.

Features of abstracts accretion software

By scanning the accessories appliance the ios abstracts accretion software, one can balance all the absent or deleted messages, reminders, contacts, addendum and alarm histories. With the advice of the appropriate software, you can bound balance all deleted abstracts even if there is no iTunes backup. The software accessible in the bazaar for the abstracts accretion from ios accessories helps you to balance altered types of abstracts files beneath the approach of DFU. You can aswell retrieve the abstracts appliance this software beneath accepted approach as well. By appliance the appropriate software, there is no charge to anguish about the absent or deleted abstracts from your ios devices.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Six Clicks - Windows 8.1

Six clicks: Weird tricks that will actually make you happier with Windows 8.1

Add the Win+X power menu to your toolkit

Beginning with Windows 8.1, Microsoft restored the Start button to the left side of the taskbar. Click it and you go straight to the Start screen, not to a Start menu.

Ah, but right-clickthat Start button and you get a menu that will make a Windows geek's eyes well up with tears of joy. Virtually every common administrative tool is there, including an option to open a Command Prompt or PowerShell window using an administrator's credentials.

This menu is available on a touchscreen as well. Just tap and hold the Start button for a second or two, then release it to display this menu.

The end of Windows XP is also the end of everything we thought we knew about computing

The end of Windows XP is also the end of everything we thought we knew about computing

More than a dozen years after it first went on sale, the reign of Windows XP is finally coming to an end. XP was Microsoft's most popular operating system ever — it was only recently overtaken by Windows 7 as the most used OS in the world – and it's still running on somewhere around a quarter of all desktops.

As of next week however, XP is no longer supported by Microsoft: no more software updates or security patches will be forthcoming from the company.

XP's dozen-year lifespan is the equivalent of millennia in tech years, and so XP is a digital dinosaur still roaming the earth. Many will be mourning its passing, others will be grumbling as they scramble to update to a new operating system, and some will be cursing because they have to pay out for additional support after having left their migration too late.

But the death of XP is more than just a headache (and the cause of some heartache) for IT: it also part of some profound changes in the tech landscape.

As we lay XP is to rest, we're also saying goodbye to some of technology's old certainties: that the PC is the default hardware for the average user, that Windows is the standard operating system it will run. Both of those assumptions held true throughout the life of XP — but no longer.

The decline of the PC continues: it's already been overtaken by tablets and smartphones among consumers, and increasing in business. As well as the rise of new hardware form factors, new operating systems are grabbing market share too: in the case of tablets and smartphones, it's still pretty much a two horse race between Android cornering the mass market and iOS at the premium end.

Windows is still around of course, and still a strong presence (especially in business), but its dominance is being questioned: the upgrade from XP to Windows 8 is such a big leap that some may consider switching to an alternative platform altogether, such as iPads or Chromebooks.

All of this means we're entering a new era of fragmented computing, a jumble of devices, operating systems and competing ecosystems.

Neither Android nor iOS are monoliths: there are many versions of Android in use (less than 10 percent of devices are running KitKat, the latest iteration of the operating system), and the older versions of Apple's iPhone and iPad (only a few years old) cannot run the latest versions of iOS. Build it once, run anywhere is just as much of a dream as it ever was.

Competing ecosystems have lead to a profusion of app stores and operating systems flavours (just compare Amazon's Fire OS to Android) which can create strife for developers and users. Stifling walled gardens of content and apps are everywhere as tech companies seek to enforce the loyalty of their customers.

Windows, of course, was just another walled garden (ask the Linux enthusiasts or the Mac fans) but for most it was such a big enclosure that most couldn't see the walls.

None of this is bad, just different. It's unlikely that we'll see a platform as dominant as Windows again; Android is making a strong play but will probably never be the operating system of everything.

The downside of all of this is uncertainty and fragmentation, at least for now. But it's also a bigger, more complicated and more exciting world with better devices, wider options and more opportunity.

April Fools' 2014: The Best Tech Pranks of The Day

April Fools' 2014: The best tech pranks of the day

The Virtual Bay

The Pirate Bay, best known for torrent searches and copyright infringement lawsuits, decided to kick off the day a little early with their latest project: The Virtual Bay.

In a move touted as the "biggest step in our history," TPB said it was teaming up with neuroscientists from Russia, Israel, and Japan in order to create a virtual reality headset to store the entire torrent index in people's heads, allowing users to "live" their downloaded musics and games. In addition, as TPB will be stored within user minds, the website will soon become impossible to shut down.

BlackBerry's Future Rides on Supporting the Past

BlackBerry's future rides on supporting the past
BlackBerry's comeback plan depends on its ability to position its BlackBerry Enterprise Service as an enterprise mobility management tool, but the only way that effort will work is to support its installed base and operating systems the company had hoped would have handed off to its latest technology.

Enter BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12, an effort announced at Mobile World Congress and due in November (October if CEO John Chen gets his way).

Chen's comments last week on BlackBerry's fourth quarter earnings conference call--the company reported a better-than-expected loss, but revenue fell short of estimates--highlight just how much is riding on BES12 and the company's ability to convince existing customers to upgrade to it. BES10 had a lot of interest, but companies didn't want to support two BlackBerry operating systems and the infrastructure that went with it.

With BES12, BlackBerry will offer backward compatibility, all the way to BlackBerry OS 5. BES10 required companies to support only the new platform. For good measure, BES12 will manage iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

The challenge for BlackBerry is converting interest into actual deployments. BlackBerry has an EZ Pass program that allows for a migration to BES10 and then a free upgrade to BES12.

Chen explained:

BES12 highlights will include the following: We have a new architecture offering customers the option of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Backward compatibility allows the unifications of the BES10 and BES5 deployment into a single platform and console, supporting the BES10 and BBOS device. This is huge, and when I went and talked to -- have time to visit customers, the customer likes a lot of the BES10 features, but they were complaining about having two infrastructures that they have to manage, which is the old BBOS infrastructure, as well as the BB10 infrastructure.

This is the first attempt to merge that two into one, so the customer could move on to newer technology, and yet still protect the investment they already made at BlackBerry. So I know this is huge. We obviously also enhanced the platform support for the iOS devices, Androids, and Windows Phone 8.

How an enterprise company decided that customers would want to support two infrastructures is a bit stunning, but does highlight the state BlackBerry was in before Chen's arrival.

Chen noted that BlackBerry can't really sell BES into the base that uses the BlackBerry Bold until BES12 launches.

The larger issue is whether BlackBerry is too late. BlackBerry is seeing service revenue continue to fall and Chen's bet is that BES12 will slow down enterprise defections.

BlackBerry's game boils down like this:

  • Grow with BBM and QNX so the company has positives to talk about. 
  • Offer BlackBerry classic (BlackBerry 7) devices to keep the base. 
  • Sell that base BES12. 
  • And still launch new BlackBerry 10 devices with more efficient contract equipment vendors and hope to break even in fiscal 2015, which is now underway.

Chen talked a lot of about BlackBerry "loyalists" and the company's "base." He has to because BlackBerry hasn't cultivated new customers yet. In the fourth quarter, BlackBerry recognized revenue on 1.3 million devices, down from 1.9 million in the prior quarter. However, BlackBerry has cut its inventory levels substantially.

But rest assured, BlackBerry's future is all about it becoming an enterprise mobility management company. The problem is AirWatch, under VMware, and MobileIron are now aggressively pricing to gain share.

Here's the BlackBerry conundrum:

  1. Enterprises have moved on to Microsoft's ActiveSync technology or rivals such as Good Technology as well as a host of others.
  2. Even if BlackBerry gets enterprise customers to upgrade to BES10 or BES12, it will take a revenue hit. Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um estimates that one legacy BES5 subscriber generates $96 a year in revenue including annual support. The best scenario under BES10 would include that user paying about $72 a year. BlackBerry revised its pricing on Monday.
  3. Customers -- assuming there is interest in BES at all -- will wait for November and BES12. That reality means BlackBerry will take a few more body blows through the end of calendar 2014.
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